#1 Zilliqa Podcast With Zach From Mintable - NFT Marketplace On Zilliqa

Zilliqa’s Developer Evangelist, Arnav Vohra caught up with Zach from Mintable to talk about his journey into the Zilliqa ecosystem ecosystem, the NFT marketplace launch at ZIL3 & his advice for developers building on Zilliqa and much more!

Our Dev Evangelist, Arnav caught up with ZachToday we chat with Zach from Mintable on the recent launch of their NFT Marketplace on Zilliqa.

Mintable website : https://zilliqa.mintable.app/
Mintable demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGHot8HmosU
Mintable trading challenge : https://zilliqa.mintable.app/trading-challenge

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Zach’s background and how he got into Zilliqa ecosystem
06:31 What is Mintable
10:35 NFT marketplaces and trends in NFT ecosystem
15:23 Item search algorithm in Mintable
20:03 Experience of building on top of Zilliqa
26:26 Comment on recent update of ZRC1
27:59 Advice for developers building on Zilliqa
31:31 Safety of writing contracts in Scilla & testing Mintable’s smart contract
37:46 Zilliqa NFT Trading competition & Mintable future plans

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