A Deep Dive into KuCoin's IGO Project Idle Stoneage

A deep dive into Idle stoneage project, and you can start a treasure hunt!

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The Idle Stoneage is a synthetic NFT concept dual-end (web/mobile) game based on blockchain technology and deployed on the KCC. It is driven by the community, and the core gameplay is card turn-based.

The Idle Stoneage is set to be a part of the first batch of fantastic games set to launch on the KuCoin Community Chain. IdleStoneage has also received the first batch of strategic investments by KuCoin Ventures.
The Idle Stoneage team is multicultural and cross-industry, which is highly in line with the vision of decentralisation.

Time Stamp
00:24 What is IdleStoneage
00:43 Teaser
03:07 Tokenomics
04:18 Game Economy
05:10 Dashboard
05:28 Blind box
06:19 Closing thoughts


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