All You Need to Know About CEBG - KuCoin's 2nd IGO Project

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CEBG is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game with the elements of BEAUTY and MECHA.

In the game, players land in the war zone, searching for guns to shoot other players, fighting each other for precious resources. The game was inspired by PUBG: EACH TIME, ONLY ONE SURVIVEā€¦

Distinguishing itself from other Play-to-Earn games, CEBG has innovated and designed a player-friendly Free to Play mechanism. Players can enjoy playing and experiencing the joy of the game.

Time Stamp
00:34 What is CEBG?
2:05 How does it work/overview?
4:20 game teaser
5:03 tokenomics of the tokens
7:41 Weapons and chips
9:24 simplified overview of economy
10:42 Closing thoughts

Randomization factors in the game play of CEBG
1. The strength of teammates
2. The strength of the player
3. Owned NFT level and attributes
4. The strength of opponent

There will be a total of 100 million $CEC issued.
Use Cases
Payment token
Used to by game nfts

$CEG Use cases
Purchasing energy
Buy repair oil
Level/upgrade nft
Reduce cool down

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