ALTCOIN MANIA UNSTOPPABLE!!! Hidden Gems Revealed... [WATCH FAST] Ivan on Tech


00:00 Opening
00:14 Announcement: ALT coins cannot sleep. What is next?
01:36 Welcome to the chat
02:54 CME for ETH situation
04:07 Webinar Shoutout
04:44 Monday Wisdom: Power in the hands of the people. Celebs needed to pump!
05:38 Coingecko market overview
05:59 Elon Musk video about Doge. Doge for world currency. 20x since last year
07:37 ETH daily chart. ETH will not dump during this bullrun like BTC after the CME listing
09:32 Trustswap/USDT daily chart. 0.96 level about to be broken
10:32 Trustswap chart
10:49 Parsiq chart
10:56 Elrond chart
11:09 Trustswap chart. Next level is 1.8
12:28 Parsiq (PRQ) chart
12:38 TIXL (TXL)Chart
12:50 Origintrail (TRAC) chart
13:10 Morpheus Network chart + Alibaba news
15:50 VeChain (VET) chart
16:13 Paralink Network. Launching soon. Oracle on Polkadot
17:14 Elrond (EGLD) chart
17:32 Insured Finance (INFI) chart
17:47 Bridge Mutual (BMI) chart
18:10 Benchmark Protocol (MARK). Rebase token. CoinShares is an investor.
19:10 CoinShares explained, xMARK
22:02 Summary of the gems
22:36 YFDai Finance (YF-DAI) chart
23:10 Howdoo (Hyprr) news
23:51 Bride Mutual (BMI) is working with Ferrum
24:00 Shopping.IO chart
24:31 Reef Finance (REEF) chart
24:54 ByBit shoutout
25:19 Webinar shoutout
25:35 StormX (STMX) chart versus Shopping.IO
26:50 BTC daily chart. Grandpa BTC is sleeping now
27:20 ETH daily chart. CME is not a problem
27:38 Q&A start
27:47 Blockbuster
28:05 Litentry (LIT) chart
29:53 Butterfly Protocol (BFLY) chart. Pumping!
30:37 YOP chart.
31:03 Akropolis (AKRO) chart. recovered from the hack.
32:48 API3 (API3) chart.
33:23 CME futures on ETH chart
33:51 BTC CME Futures chart. Compare to 2017 which was at the blow off top of bull market
35:03 Top Crypto Deals of 2017 chart
35:40 chart
35:57 Doge coin chart
36:12 Doge Elon Musk video. Dogecoin was a joke. Fate loves irony.
37:55 Q1: Is Kyber Network (KNC) undervalued? DeFi Pulse chart show abnormality
41:25 Exeedme (XED) chart
42:10 Q2: How far can PAID go?
44:17 Q3: How is FalconSwap doing?
45:00 DeFiChain (DFI) chart
45:50 SnowSwap (SNOW) chart
46:38 Q4: Still optimistic on MahaDAO? Creating 2 coins is not always a good thing
48:07 DuckDaoDim (DDIM) + DLP Duck Token (DUCK)
48:26 Darwinia RING + KTON
50:30 Check Trustswap on twitter. Shopping.IO collab
51:54 Shopping.IO chart
52:04 TrustSwap/USDT chart live watch
52:49 Q5: Yield Credit is Aave competitor?
54:26 Q6: Is ICON ICX worth investing in?
56:17 Webinar shoutout

DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders don’t make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!


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