Binance Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Using Binance

This Binance Masterclass will guide you on how to use Binance and give a step-by-step guide from a Binance employee. This Binance Masterclass is FREE to enter and starts this Friday at March 26th at 12:00 PM GMT.

This Binance Masterclass session will be mainly aimed at newcomers but will address some common issues that users face in:
– Registering an account
– Verifying your account
– Depositing funds into your account
– Trading/Buying Crypto
– Securing your account
– Withdrawing funds from your account

At the end of the Masterclass session, we will link a google form survey that will test your knowledge on everything you’ve learned from the session. Participants that get an 80% pass rate or higher in this exam will be rewarded with an equal distribution from the total prize pool of £2,000 in BNB.

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