Bitcoin in a Decade: Worth $1,000,000 or $0

Crypto industry experts and macro investors discuss where Bitcoin and the crypto industry will be 10 years from now.

00:52 How much will Bitcoin be worth in ten years from now?

01:02 Avichal Garg
02:40 Claire Lovell
03:34 Clark Moody
04:49 Raoul Pal

07:32 How crucial is Bitcoin’s price for the success of the crypto industry?

08:00 Raoul Pal
08:49 Avichal Garg
09:39 Claire Lovell
10:03 Clark Moody

10:32 Are price predictions important to people?

11:05 Raoul Pal
12:15 Claire Lovell
14:02 Avichal Garg

16:54 What are the factors that may drive Bitcoin to $1 million?

17:30 Clark Moody
20:17 Claire Lovell

18:37 Why are people so slow in realizing the potential of crypto?

18:52 Raoul Pal

21:10 What are the chances of another technology replacing Bitcoin?

21:31 Avichal Garg

24:00 How is the relationship between governments and money going to evolve?

24:34 Raoul Pal
25:02 Clark Moody
26:11 Claire Lovell
27:32 Avichal Garg

30:56 What is your long-term perspective on the crypto industry?

31:21 Claire Lovell
33:08 Clark Moody
34:06 Raoul Pal

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