Bitrue CEO Curis Wang Discusses how his Digital Asset Exchange Supports XRP Adoption

Singapore-based digital assets exchange Bitrue has found success by putting the digital asset XRP at the center of its trading platform. The asset is used by Ripple’s payment network to facilitate low-cost, same-day cross-border transactions and Bitrue believes that XRP’s growing utility among businesses and individuals will bring more users to its exchange.

Co-founder and CEO, Curis Wang discovered XRP at a FinTech Conference and immediately understood its value as a much-need solution to the problem of slow and expensive global payments. Making Bitrue an XRP-centric exchange had the potential to make the business more than just a simple trading platform.

Bitrue is excited to maintain an XRP-centric platform. With businesses and individuals around the world continuing to adopt XRP for cross-border payments, the company expects to also increase transaction volume on its exchange platform. As 2019 came to a close, Bitrue was exchanging 77 XRP pairs.

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