Chats with Jess Eun, Blockchain Business Developer of OGQ South Korea You have seen ups and downs in the crypto market. What is your happiest and saddest moment?

Jess: (Slight Laugh)
I personally have experienced the crypto ups and downs. So I am pretty sure that my understanding and feelings are practical enough. My happiest moment regarding the crypto industry is when I find out a project works out and meet the demand of the market. Like the case of South America, people have been concerned for long about their fiat. However, the fact that many projects are working on the solution shows a bright side of the blockchain industry.

I am sad when some projects or businesses only focus on investment and financing. I know and admit that this is a surviving issue to the company, but this behaviour could also hurt the entire industry losing creditability. I hope companies and teams who sincerely develop blockchain and crypto schemes should be recognized more often and fairly treated. The blockchain and crypto market has been changing. What do you want to see in the near future for this industry(especially the Korean market)?

Jess: Again, I wish that all the projects that we observe can focus on practical things, not only the dreams but something that really can happen and meet the current demands of the market and industry.

Regarding Korea, I think that Korea has the potential to become a heaven for Crypto-business regulatorily and financially (my wish, lol), since Korea has always been positioned as an IT advanced nation.

Let’s see how things work out. How do you view the crypto regulations for South Korea?

Jess: I think Korea is relatively conservative regarding the regulation part. I know many industry leaders of blockchain and cryptocurrency are working hard to make progress regarding regulation. I expect to see concrete actions that can support not only OGQ but also the whole players in this industry in Korea.
I am optimistic that Korea at least won’t be a leftover(slow and low level) player in this industry. Share with us an inspiring quote for our readers. Eg “I believe in blockchain, it can change the world.”

Jess: (Laugh out loud) I am not sure that I have any qualification or reputation to leave a quote for the beloved readers and industry leaders. All I want to say is that “Let us be more practical, and face the real-world demand. Don’t underestimate nor ignore the reality. Let’s face it!”

The idea of the distributed ledger and crypto-currency is threatening the roles of existing industry and its players(in terms of traditional firms).

I believe the rise of blockchain and crypto-currency is a rather rebellious challenge to all of the existing industry players.

Simply the idea of decentralization itself is very rebellious already. (Laugh out loud)
I like it though. Hahaha Is there anything you want to share with our readers here? Tell us anything 🙂

Jess: First of all, I sincerely appreciate Jenny and The Blockcast to give an opportunity for me to share some thoughts.

Secondly, as an economist, business developer and a consultant, I really want to say that the blockchain way of thinking is very compelling but sometimes lacks reality. I wish this optimistic and brilliant industry can meet the reality to embed something that is practical and can satisfy all the human being in any industry.

Finally, I want to declare that I have no offence and prejudice against any projects and colleagues in the industry. I believe in collective intelligence and the power of brainstorm. I hope this opportunity(the interview) can not only provide me with the opportunity to broaden my network, but also help out anyone with similar concerns. Thank you Jess, thank you for your time and sharing on this session! Look forward to see progress on OGQ and all the best!

Jess: Thank you.

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