Interviews CryptoSays: “Always be curious, never stop learning”. We have a slightly different guest today. We interviewed him on Twitter this afternoon and he is one interesting guy. His pen name or Twitter handle is @CryptoSays, some of us called him- Mitoshi Kaku. We know him by his real name- Joe. Frankly, we are also not sure if this is his real name or not (laughs).

Hi Joe, my real name is Jenny Zheng. I am the Cofounder of Can you give an introduction of yourself please? What were you doing before the crypto era?

@CryptoSays: Hi Jenny, Joe is my real name. Let me give you some information of myself. I belong to the creative industry, I have worked as an advertising photographer and cinematographer for almost 20 years. Got into the world of trading (amateur) back in 2006. And went full time (self-taught) back in 2016 with Bitcoin of course. I am based in USA now and the owner of IKAGI ( You are very active on Twitter. What is your profile, how do you describe yourself and why “Mitoshi Kaku”?

@CryptoSays: My profile on Twitter states this- • Ordo Ab Chao • Temet Nosce • 432 • Technical Analyst and Creator of The “Waves & Particles Trading System” #CryptoIkagi – Michio Kaku Fan/Parody Account. My account is a parody account. An homage to the most famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Mitoshi = Satoshi + Michio How many followers do you have right now? How do you engage them?

@CryptoSays: I have joined Twitter in 2017 June. Right now I have close to 62,000 followers. I engage them with contents like some from too. We can see that you are very interactive online with your followers. Tell us what are the potential upside for being in this blockchain/ crypto industry?

@CryptoSays: In my humble opinion the blockchain technology, really has the ability to disrupt almost every single industry as we know it, and it will definitely permeate everything we know. Have you been investing in the tokens? Can you share with us your experiences and perhaps some “insider tips” on how to be successful. Which coin do you think is the most promising so far?

@CryptoSays: I have my fair share of experience when it comes to tokens, some have been successful investments, others no so much. It is the risk we take, like an angel investor. But I am not a big FA guy at all, my area of expertise is technical analysis, I developed a proprietary system, that I use to forecast price action, with a very high hit ratio and success, so nowadays, I just trade and focus on teaching others. Teaching and sharing is great. Blockchain tech can be used in many situations and industries. Which industry do you think blockchain will do very well.

@CryptoSays: In my own opinion, finance of course and anything that has to do with privacy and personal records. Blockchain technology assures faster settlement and speeds up financial transactions. Distributed trust and therefore security and privacy are at the core of the blockchain technologies, so naturally it works very well with management of personal records. The bearish market has driven many Altcoins to death. Do you think this situation will continue?

@CryptoSays: It will end and shift eventually, not for all coins though. There are some who will survive and do better. I don’t want to name them here cos it is not fair. We can discuss this over other chats. Yes my team thinks that same too. The Altcoins with good usage, real business and strong backing will last longer. What do you think is the future for the crypto space?

@CryptoSays: I believe mass adoption is not something that happens in 2 years, many moons are going to pass, before we get there. Can you share an inspiring quote for our readers?

@CryptoSays: I want to get everyone away from their comfortable and keep doing what they believe in. Maybe this quote will be useful:


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