Interviews Sander de Bruijn, CIO at Icoinic #1 Crypto Fund in The Netherlands Now I understand a little more. So, what is the objective of the fund?

Sander: The objective of the fund is to realize capital gains by trading in a actively managed range of cryptocurrencies and/or tokens based on algorithms. The algorithms take trading decisions, based on market movements and market making strategies. The fund may also invest in leveraged derivative products on digital asset exchanges. Do you mind sharing with us how big is the fund?

Sander: We don’t disclose our AUM. But to give some comfort, we signed an agreement with one of the top leading accountancy firms in The Netherlands. They will do our NAV on a monthly base and they will check the books of the fund. Icoinic is the first Digital Asset Fund in The Netherlands and has received the prestigious CashCow Award 2019 as the #1 crypto fund. We are located in Amsterdam on the world’s oldest stock exchange at Beursplein 5. That is secretive. How about tell us how this fund operate?

Sander: Our Icoinic Algorithmic fund is optimized and monitored 24/7 by our analysts and developers. Market conditions being key, it applies various strategies to yield better results from high-risk funds. This fund generated high profits in 2019 and 2020 started with 40,2% profits in January. You are an expert in the Investment relations field. Now, tell us more about your role at Icoinic.

Sander: As Chief Investment Officer I’m responsible for investor relations, strategic partnerships and attracting new investors to join our funds. The best part about my role is that I can add value to both sides of the business. While helping investors joining our fund to grow their portfolio, at the same time I’m helping Icoinic to grow the fund. My expertise is the “people business”. During my international travelling I can share our opportunity with friends and investors all around the word. Our fund offers a global opportunity for investors to join the digital assets market, grow their portfolio and partner with a reliable team of experts. What will you do to achieve the goals for your role?

Sander: Prior to joining Icoinic I have been involved as Director Investor Relations in Asia and Europe with quality projects like Momentum Protocol and While successfully fundraising, I have built a global network and many of my contacts are looking for quality investment opportunities. To successfully achieve my goals at Icoinic I will actively reach out to my network and show them why Icoinic is a reliable partner with experienced people. We will be hosting small group meetup events at the famous Amsterdam stock exchange where our HQ is located in the city centre so potential investors can learn about our funds. For our international prospects we will be hosting live webinars and Q&A sessions. Tell us one interesting incident since you have joined the company?

Sander: After accepting the invitation to join the Icoinic team, a press release together with our photo “shaking hands” was published on our linkedin page and my inbox exploded. Within the first couple of days I’ve received hundreds private message that took me about a week to all personally reply! I would also use this chance to thank all my friends and contacts from Asia and Europe for their kind messages. I’m really looking forward to show all of you why I’m excited about Icoinic and to welcome you as a new partner in our fund. How do you see the crypto market in 2020? Will altcoins be coming back up?

Sander: Every new market needs time to grow, develop and to be adopted by the masses. In my humble opinion, the digital assets market is here to stay and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. After 2019 where the market was skeptical my instinct says that 2020 will be a positive year, also for the crypto market. Although I’m not a fortune teller who can see in the future, i’m very optimistic about 2020 and also the come back for the altcoins. How would you where bitcoin is going? It went up to more than $10,000 in Feb, where will it be in 2021?

Sander: Many of our clients are asking us about where BTC will be going in 2020 and 2021 and off course everyone wants to know where the market is going to. All I can say is, while mass adaption is growing all around the world, it’s a logical process that the BTC value will grow while supply is limited and demand is increasing. I consider the crypto market as the next “wave of innovation”. It’s all about seeing things that are not there yet. This is “vision”. Thanks Sander. For more interviews, go to

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