Speaks to CEO of Amber “Both the crypto & blockchain markets are a distraction.” Good day, most of our readers know that we want to meet as many blockchain and crypto people, know about them, learn about them. My name is John, today we have a new guest in the house. Meet Aleksandar Svetski. He is the CEO of Amber. He is into Bitcoin, Money, Philosophy, Business, Startups & Entrepreneurship.

Hi Aleksandar, good to have you here.

Aleksandar: Likewise. What is your current focus? Tell us about what you do and your company?

Aleksandar: Primary focus is Amber. It’s a Bitcoin accumulation app, and it’s the entrepreneurial expression of my most intense life interest, ie; Bitcoin.

Amber helps people accumulate Bitcoin (only) on autopilot. Currently in Australia and will be available in Europe in the coming months.

My secondary focus is writing, primary on Medium @AleksSvetski and with the publication I launched in 2019, The Bitcoin Times. How do you see the blockchain and crypto market? Is it still within your expectations?

Aleksandar: I think both the crypto & blockchain markets are a distraction. They’re worthless.

The only thing that matters long term is the reinvention of Money, and that’s embodied in Bitcoin.

The rest is a waste of energy at best and scams at worst. I bet you have heard many nasty stories about the crypto markets too from scams, hacks, to people running away with the money. How do you see this situation?

Aleksandar: This is normal in a nascent market, especially since the entire crypto market (other than Bitcoin) is one big scam. There are also many good things that the blockchain technology can help. Can you share with us your views on this statement? Which industry will benefit most. Which industry will get the most adoption?

Aleksandar: There are zero applications for blockchain technology.

In fact, it’s not even a technology. It’s ONLY application is as a component in Bitcoin’s time-chain. There are extreme views like remove the banks and government and let the economy to be decentralised. What is your views on this? Is there a need to be “redecentralise”?

Aleksandar: I’m e free markets supporter, and yes, I wholeheartedly agree with the abolition of governments, central banks & the state. The free market can service everything people anywhere in the world need. Can you share an inspiring quote for our users?

Aleksandar: Ok.

“IN OUR DESIRE FOR ABUNDANCE, WE’VE VILIFIED SCARCITY — AND IN THE PROCESS ERODED OUR NOTION OF VALUE.” Thanks for your time. Find out more about about Aleksandar at his medium page or simply download the Amber app.

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