Blockchain Research: ANU College of Law Fellow Scott Chamberlain on Automated Legal Process

Scott Chamberlain, Entrepreneurial Fellow at Australian National University (ANU) College of Law runs a project called Lex Automagica, a tech stack automating legal processes that he envisions will allow society to run like clockwork.

He believes this is possible because—at its most basic—the law is simple. In the event of a dispute, the law must confirm the identities of the people and things involved, along with the relationship and rules of interaction between them, to arrive at a resolution.

Blockchain can already perform these confirmations and automations through identity, tokenization, smart contracts, and dispute resolutions projects. Making it a short leap to apply these new technologies to the law.

If done properly, Chamberlain’s hope is that the project will create a capacity to solve an enormous number of social disputes without having to engage the middlemen and gatekeepers that he says often leverage their positions of power and wealth.

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