CHINA PUSHING BITCOIN to $100,000!! Capital Flight, Fiat Collapse, Cryptocurrencies Soar

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Introduction- 0:00
Make sure you have your Big Boy Pants- 3:10
Big shoutout to the crypto community- 3:35
Market Analysis- 4:20
Plutus DEX- 5:42
BTC and ETH are amazing- 6:44
Next Altcoin Webinar Reminder- 8:04
People having problems with XMC- 8:26
Credibility of DEXs- 9:20
Bitcoin up as tensions rise in Asia- 10:15
Bitcoin Has Saved My Family- 11:20
This is why BTC isn’t going anywhere- 14:07
Hong Kong’s rich are moving gold out of the country on fears of what China’s draconian law may do to it’s autonomy- 14:43
Bitcoin trading soars in Argentina, Brazil as local currencies weaken- 17:20
Flooding Threatens China’s Bitcoin Miners- 19:31
1inch revolutionizes automated market maker segment with Mooniswap- 21:18
Grayscale Advertising Like Crazy- 25:15
New York Financial Regulator Greenlights 10 Tokens for Custody- 26:36
Aug 20th Alt Webinar Reminder- 27:40
Q&A- 28:01
Q1- Do you think is a good time to enter XOR? 29:04
Q2- Can you check out OffShift (XFT) on CoinGecko? 29:44
Q3- What is your honest Opinion about Nimiq and Hedera long term? 30:03
Q4- You did already research STRONG? 30:46
Q5- What do you think about BAND? 30:54
Q6- What are your thoughts on CTSI? 31:40
Q7- Can you check Ghost by John Mcaffee and could review Unitrade 32:56
Q8- Do you think VSN make difference for Internet experience? 33:03
Q9- What’s your strategy for studying? 33:24
Q10- Is there a good Defi platform I can use metamask and also create stop losses? 34:20
Q11- Do you believe the next one will be the AI bubble with Coins like FET and AGI? 35:18
Q12- Thoughts on dero io? 35:44
Q13- Any comment on next ETH move? 35:50
Q14- What is the best coin and best platform for staking? 36:37
Q15- You did not mention REN (among promising alts) yesterday? 37:48
Q16- Can you tell us a little more about Celsius? 38:24
Q17- What do you think of Solana? 38:44
Q18- What is the difference between PAR and Nimiq’s app PayNim? 39:46
Q19- Could there be a problem in case of PLU and Brexit? 39:59
Q20- What do you think about DataMine "DMA"? 40:23
Q21- Did you have time to look into $dam? 40:29
Q22- (WAIFU) just got added to coingecko, how do you think it will perform in this bull market? 42:02
Q23- Why do you prefer Plutus over Monolith? 43:08
Q24- Do you have communication with the PLU team? 45:17
Q25- Dan you do a whiteboard video on polkadot? 46:20
Q26- Is there an app that lets you listen to the chart instead of seeing it? 46:35
Q27- Do you have a video on how Balancer works? 47:51

DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders don’t make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!


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