The last time Mike McGlone appeared on The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast, Bitcoin was sub $10k. But even at these low prices, Mike’s sentiment was infectiously optimistic. With current prices sitting almost 6x that level, Mike continues to envision a future where Bitcoin is a global reserve asset, ultimately surpassing $100,000. Although this will likely require an ETF approval, the roadmap is already drawn out and investors are slowly beginning to realize the incredible value opportunity this presents.

0:00 Intro
1:44 Why Tesla sold 10% of its Bitcoin holdings
3:20 Bitcoin’s next threshold
4:20 What can prevent Bitcoin from going to $100,000
5:47 Role of ETF in Bitcoin’s future
9:00 The consequences of not having Bitcoin in your portfolio
12:20 Bitcoin as a digital reserve asset
13:35 Can Bitcoin still go to zero?
15:45 Why Ethereum?
17:50 Why did Tesla piss off the crypto audience?
20:30 Long Bitcoin, short Tesla?
21:56 Will other automakers start accepting Bitcoin?
24:31 Sponsor: Voyager
25:26 Sponsor: Mina
26:40 Sponsor: Matcha
27:27 Will banks follow Tesla?
29:05 What will happen with gold?
31:20 Bitcoin to overcome gold in market cap
32:05 $1,000,000 Bitcoin
33:40 What will happen to GBTC when ETFs are approved?
35:38 On Coinbase stock
39:40 On intrinsic value
42:40 Deflationary economy and the role of technology
46:55 Are derivatives a real threat to Bitcoin?
52:00 Biden & taxes
54:25 The plumber & Doge story
56:55 On inevitable market flush
59:32 How to reach out to Mike McGlone

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This episode explores:
Learning from the trading pits
Tesla selling Bitcoin
Counter trading your sentiment
Running a Bitcoin node
Learning to take profit
Volatility as opportunity
The ubiquity of Doge
Leaving gold for Bitcoin
Feeding the market Gods
Deflationary technology

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