What are some of your hobbies?

Huobi: My main hobbies mainly include learning about cryptocurrency. My favourite publications to read are Blockcast, Cointelegraph, and Coindesk. When I watch YouTube – I really enjoy listening to Chico Crypto, Ivan on Tech, Nugget News, CryptoTrader, Altcoin Daily and DataDash. They really help educate the community and are always on top of trending hot topics within the industry. Other than that, I like to study charts, workout, and help to provide assistance online to the community. I even have a fan club called the Huobi Knights, who seek to emulate Huobi Bulls in helping community members with all sorts of advice. Share with us your most excited moment in the crypto scene and what are your worst moment?

Huobi: I am really excited to see the amount of cryptocurrency projects being listed on Huobi along with when Bitcoin has any new trends in the market. It really makes a big impact around the world and allowed everyone to find out about the hidden gems called cryptocurrency.

However, the coming of age ceremony for me, a bull jumping ritual that turned me from a calf into a bull was on January 31, 2018, when the Huobi Token had its genesis.

My saddest moment was when people talked about Bitcoin being dead and I lost track on how many times this has happened overall. Negative news was in the mainstream media and I think many people didn’t really understand what cryptocurrency and blockchain was all about due to a lot of mis information. All markets will go up and down especially the newest and latest technology like blockchain /cryptocurrency.

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Huobi: I think every market has bull cycles and bear markets. I usually prefer bull markets for me and my friendly bulls. We are always trying to bring the community together and push for all projects to be adopted into the mainstream. The sky is the limit when it comes to the cryptocurrency market because it’s still new, just around ten years or so. We can together in helping each other excel in the market. Every emerging market has growing pains, but bovines are quick to mature and known for patience and wisdom, so I am confident it the market’s ability to correct issues. Huobi Bulls and everyone else will always help along the way to make the market grow. Everyone should have access to a all technology give it blockchain, cryptocurrency or anything emerging. Where is the crypto market heading? Is it still going to be bearish? Or bullish in the next 6 months.

Huobi: I am not for predictions,but what I can say is pay attention to all the analysis of the market every day. I am always looking positive sentiments for the Bull market so me and my friends can celebrate the rise, but you never can tell because of all the external factors. Together we can research and hopefully make everyday a bit of a bull market. Are there any exciting projects upcoming that you want to share with us?

Huobi: I am excited for all the projects listed on Huobi. Some projects around Defi and smart contracts seem to have a lot of attention. I think anything that bridges the gap between the digital world and real world can have a major impact going forward in countless ways. In particular, stay turned for the Huobi Chain coming in 2020.

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Huobi: Sure!


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