Tell us more about MC Capital Ventures. What is the purpose of this venture company?

Miguel: Situational Investing. The concept is simple at first glance, people know they should invest according to your portfolio based on your individual goals and objectives forms the basis of situational investing. We always listen and apply. Do you believe in blockchain or crypto?

Miguel: Definitely! We allocate 3-5% of every clients net asset to BITCOIN. How do you see the future of crypto business? Do you see the current crypto market sustainable compared to the traditional markets?

Miguel: That’s a two-sided coin question but happy to provide my opinion. The future is bright when the market finally accepted and being used by the mass. I see it being sustainable if we have proper regulations or regulatory boards who can administer provisions so we can protect every individual’s interest in a decentralized way. Many of the people we saw lately are very eager to invest into the crypto market, they are not totally aware of the risks & scams in this industry. How do you see this?

Miguel: Definitely! We always suggest do your own research first and be true yourself. Always make sure that if it is something you consider as investing for long term always make sure you understand it. Any market and not just new metering markets, always make sure that you insert your own threshold. How do you see Bitcoin? Do you think it will remain at the top? Or would there be a chance for another coin to move up the ladder?

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Miguel: Based on my experience and being with Bitcoin since 2010 I’m confident that it would stay as the most valuable coin of all time. It’s hard to speak for other coins when we see BTC has more value. It’s definitely a great asset allocation base. Think of it as an insurance policy or a hedge! Apart from Bitcoin, is there another coin that you see the great potential?

Miguel: Great question! I see lots of great projects but didn’t really pay attention much because we’re so focused with BTC. BTC is good. I would suggest looking at ETH if you don’t mind. Their performance in 2020 is looking good. That is just my 1 cent worth.

If we were to ask for your advice on the blockchain and crypto market, what is the top 3 advice you would give?

Miguel: My advice would be this:

1) Invest the amount of money you can afford to lose.
2) Diversify when you make money in crypto.
3) Have a system in place and stay focus on your investment strategy. Sound advice Miguel. Some questions came to me: Do you then think cryptocurrency is a hype? What is the real reality for cryptocurrency users and investors? In your opinion, which project is more of a hype? And which is a reality?

Miguel: To answer everything in short summary. An investable asset will only be considered hype when there’s too much media behind it and reality is when we can see and justify results like earnings report for instance. Crypto market at the moment is driven mostly by hype but in reality, Bitcoin has more trust as intriguing value of it. How much is hype and how much is reality. Tips to help cut through the clutter.

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In my opinion, right now there’s way too much hype on the technologies and not enough attention to the real businesses behind them. I have my own views on your points about Bitcoin and hype. We can save that when we meet in USA. Any other things to share before we end this interview?

Miguel: Be safe and be well! I wish everybody prosperity and love! Thank you for having me. Can you share with our readers an inspiring quote?

Miguel: Yes, definitely.

“Don’t believe in what I say, research what I say” This is a good quote. Everyone should do their homework and research. This will allow one to understand their investment better and not fall easily for a scam.

Thanks, Miguel. Thanks, Anndy Lian for introducing us to Miguel.

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