supports IBM’s TechPreneur: Tech for Africa. Technology will be the change maker and will empower your community with new skills and hence building a new future.

This event wants to let students know how to build their own tech skills and create their own career.

“ will promote this event to our communities and channels. We want to help students in Africa to build their techpreneur journey as early as possible. We believe technology will change lives and change their world. Blockchain is one of which they should start learning too.” commented Jenny Zheng, cofounder,

Nana Kwame Agyei Agyapong who is one of the speakers at this event said: “Ghana is emerging to become a technology hub for Africa and there are many inspired students who want to learn how to code. This event gives the younger ones an overview of the opportunities ahead.”

The event will be on Monday, December 14, 2020, from 3:00 AM – 6:00 AM +08. It will be covering on topics such as:

Careers in Enterprise Computing: What is enterprise computing, why does it matter, and what kinds of roles could you land by building your tech skills?
Hands-on Coding Fun (beginners welcome): Where can you learn enterprise computing skills not often taught in school to help you score a high-paying job in tech?
Pitch Like a Pro: How can you create a pitch deck that showcases your innovative entrepreneurial spirit & boosts your potential for access to funding?

On a similar note, Blockcast CTO, Robert Shen and Angel investor, Anndy Lian will be conducting a session for their community on ”In curating Blockchain Startups” in January 2021.

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