While other young people were dreaming of fitting into their social circles, Evan Shapiro was dreaming of an entirely new social reality built by cryptography, Bitcoin, and blockchain. Today, he is living that dream through 01 Labs and Mina Protocol as he innovates technology that allows people to regain control of their digital lives and protect their personal data. This episode will take you on a journey, exploring how his pursuit tackles the infamous cryptocurrency trilemma.

In this episode, Melker and Shapiro discuss a range of topics including:

Utopian digital systems
Regaining control of your digital life
Zero-knowledge proofs and zk-SNARKS
Monetizing data
Ethereum 2.0 and sharding
Crossing the store of value chasm
The mainstream knowledge 4-year lag
The cryptocurrency trilemma
On and off-chain data
A new social reality


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Mina Protocol

Mina is the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Rather than apply brute computing force, Mina uses advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs to ensure a super-light and constant sized chain, that allows participants to quickly sync and verify the network. The team behind Mina is backed by VCs such as Coinbase Ventures, and Mina’s adversarial testnet was the largest public testnet outside of ETH 2.0. To get involved ahead of Mina’s mainnet, visit https://minaprotocol.com/wolf


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