I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Chase Chapmen, the Co-Founder of Try Crypto to learn more about how they are making dapp development in the blockchain space easy.

It was great to chat with her and get her thoughts on trends in the dapp world in terms of what seems to be gaining popularity such as games vs. social platforms etc.

They are currently building on the ETH blockchain but eventually plan to expand their development team to include other blockchain protocols as well.

One of my favorite things she talked about in this interview is how we as a community tend to focus on the user experience … but what about the developer experience? Making the blockchain space attractive for devs to build on is a big part of their mission.

We also chatted about the variety of educational materials they offer as well to help developers start learning more about blockchain on their own.

It was a great conversation and I hope you all enjoy it! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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