Cosmos Unchained: Bitcoin Peggy Showdown

Join us as Chjango Unchained (Tendermint), Matt Luongo (Keep Network), Matt Bell (Nomic), and James Prestwich (Summa and recently joined Celo) discuss Bitcoin pegs- what is currently available and the future of Bitcoin pegging.

Keep Network is building tBTC. tBTC lets Bitcoin holders deposit and redeem BTC in DeFi without centralized intermediaries. Check out for more info.

Nomic is a new blockchain which runs in parallel to the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing decentralized financial primitives which use BTC as their native asset. Learn more:

Summa created cross-chain architecture that drives tBTC and improve blockchain interoperability. Summa recently joined Celo to further diversify and decentralize the Celo Reserve in a fully-permissionless way and improving both the security and user experience of the Celo Platform. Check out to learn more.