Crypto Gender Gap. Let's Face the Facts and #BuildTogether

Since bitcoin’s creation in 2009, the evolution of digital money has displayed an adoption curve akin to that of the internet. Today, millions of people rely on Web3 for a variety of uses – yet there is still a valuable component notably underrepresented in its story: women.

As blockchain technology continues to display the potential to democratize finance, we must avoid the pitfalls of gender inequality many industries have fallen into. The blockchain industry has a duty to support women within the Web3 workforce and expand access to crypto knowledge and education in the broader market for female investors.

Binance is on a mission to increase the freedom of money globally. A crucial part of this is bringing more diversity to the crypto ecosystem to ensure blockchain lives up to its full potential. We want to empower all crypto-curious women to become crypto-fluent through a range of ongoing initiatives and events. Women’s History Month is a great time to look back at what we have accomplished on this front so far – and to envision the equitable future we are working to build.


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