Crypto Trading 101 with Pierce Crosby of Trading View

This interview is a much-watch for anyone that is thinking about starting to trade crypto! I sat down with Pierce Crosby – the GM of Trading View to get his perspective on how people can best, and most safely get started.

Trading View is a tool used by traders all around the world to help them analyze charts and data to make better trading decisions. Their tools are literally used by every trader I know.

We chat about different types of trading that are popular (day, swing, position leverage) and what is the best option for people to start out with.

Emotions can be a big part of why someone might lose money while trading – and so Pierce gives his best advice for how new traders can keep a cool head and make smart decisions while learning. He also gave some resource suggestions for different videos or sources that people can go to expand their knowledge.

He also chats about their own in-house live-streaming platform that is full of great content for traders to learn more and build community.

This is a packed conversation and I hope you guys enjoy it!

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