Dash Insights: Institutional Platform LGO To Provide OTC Liquidity For Dash Network

On today’s episode I speak with Hugo Renaudin who is the Co-Founder & CEO for LGO Group to learn more about the wide range of financial services they provide for digital assets and the details of their new partnership with Dash.

LGO is a leading digital asset exchange for institutions providing a market for an international and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, and individuals.

LGO and Dash Partnership Announcement- https://newsroom.dash.org/101860-institutional-platform-lgo-to-provide-otc-liquidity-to-the-dash-network

Question Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:56 What services do LGO provide?
02:10 Details on LGO’s new partnership with Dash?
03:48 What is the lower limit for OTC with Dash?
04:28 Why is LGO interested in remittances with Dash?
06:57 Is Dash’s scarcity causing any liquidity issues?
07:55 How do LGO and Dash complement each other?
08:28 Is crypto better than traditional payments?

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