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On today’s episode Amanda speaks with Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO about the decision proposal aiming to adjust the block reward allocation between miners and masternodes.

Questions Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:07 Why does Dash need to change its block reward allocation?
03:10 What are the proposed changes? How is it different from what Dash has now?
07:30 How does a small shift in allocation have such a big impact on the inflation rate?
10:48 How difficult will it be to implement the proposed changes if approved by the network?
12:02 Why is Dash Core Group asking permission from the network for the proposed changes?
14:36 How did you engage and communicate with Dash community about these changes?
20:51 What are the details of the future decision proposal to change how the proposal system works?
28:20 When can the network expect to see the second proposal on a flexible treasury to vote on?

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