Effect.AI (EFX) Is Now Trading on KuCoin

The $EFX trading service is now available on #KuCoin. Happy trading! 🚀

➡️ EFX/BTC: https://bit.ly/EFX-BTC

Effect.AI is a Dutch-based blockchain and cryptocurrency project. Effect.AI established The Effect Network (TEN), an open, democratic, and decentralized network for Artificial Intelligence, powered by the utility token EFX. Their blockchain-based microtasking platform, Effect Force, enables people to earn a full-time living in crypto.

International clients, including The United Nations, Kraft Heinz, The Government of Singapore, Akon/Akoin Foundation, Ivan On Tech Academy, and others, utilize EFX to access services and resources of TEN for translations, data annotation, and AI algorithms. More than 3,000 global workers have completed over 10 million tasks on the blockchain using EFX.

Another great project is now listed on KuCoin.

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