Ensuring regulatory fairness and treatment towards Dash presented by Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO.

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Dash is not a security and offers greater transparency and less risk than Bitcoin with regards to privacy.

Dash is Not a Security

The status of Dash as “not a security” has been validated by many entities, most recently the Crypto Rating Council which provided the best possible score of 1.0, equivalent to the score for Bitcoin. The score takes into account various points within the Howey Test to conclude that Dash has few characteristics that are consistent with being a security.

Crypto Rating Council – https://www.cryptoratingcouncil.com/asset-ratings


Dash’s transaction rules are identical to Bitcoin, and therefore for regulatory and compliance purposes, Dash can and should be treated identically to Bitcoin. The following outlines the misconceptions on Dash and its PrivateSend position, and provides evidence-based arguments as to why Dash is in actuality less of a compliance threat than Bitcoin.

Perkins Coie concludes – "Dash is technically no more of a "privacy coin" than Bitcoin". "…the widespread perception that Dash is a "privacy-coin" is likely a legacy of its former "Darkcoin" moniker and does not accurately reflect its actual functionality."
Source: https://www.perkinscoie.com/images/content/2/3/v3/237411/Perkins-Coie-LLP-White-Paper-AML-Regulation-of-Privacy-enablin.pdf

Chainalysis states – "It’s possible to perform mixing transactions that are functionally identical to PrivateSend on other technologically similar cryptocurrencies. This means from a technical standpoint, Dash’s privacy functionality is no greater than Bitcoin’s, making the label of “privacy coin” a misnomer for Dash. In fact, independent wallet softwares provide more advanced forms of CoinJoin that are being used with major cryptocurrencies not labeled as privacy coins, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin."
Source: https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/introducing-chainalysis-investigation-compliance-support-dash-zcash

Dash PrivateSend Legal Position: https://media.dash.org/wp-content/uploads/Dash-PrivateSend-Legal-Position-EN.pdf

Dash Core Group’s Response to the Proposed Rule by FinCEN: https://media.dash.org/wp-content/uploads/FinCEN-Unhosted-Wallets-NPR-Response_Dash-Core-Group_Jan-2021.FINAL_.pdf

Dash Core Group in May 2019 took the initiative to conduct “PrivateSend” transactions on the Bitcoin network, and compared them to transactions using Dash. Here are links to the Bitcoin “PrivateSend” transactions:

And here are links to the Dash “PrivateSend” transactions:

Performing a Dash PrivateSend Transaction on Bitcoin

1. Broadcasting Bitcoin Denomination Transactions:

2. Mixing Bitcoin Denominated Transactions:

3. Spending Mixed Bitcoin Denominated Transactions

Dash Complies with the FATF Travel Rule – This document outlines how and why the Travel Rule in no way affects our partners’ abilities to remain compliant with Dash.

FATF Statement: https://blog.dash.org/dash-complies-with-the-financial-action-task-force-fatf-guidelines-including-the-travel-rule-a4c658efc89d

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42:52 Leading Experts Agree Dash is Not a "Privacy Coin"
45:08 What is a PrivateSend Transaction?
47:30 PrivateSend Overview
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