Ep. 17: Crypto mythologies with Kitsune | Send It | OKX Insights

Advisor at Umami Finance Kitsune joins the Insights crew to talk crypto poetry, post-Bored-Apeism and the politicization of crypto. Listen in to hear where Kitsune thinks the BTC price is heading, too.

00:00:47— Kitsune introductions
00:02:17— Erm, what is crypto poetry?
00:03:19 — Connecting through crypto poetry
00:05:11 — Generative poetry on the blockchain
00:06:56— Kitsune’s take on NFT "art"
00:10:06— Kitsune just wants to be on a talk show
00:11:25 — Kitsune: "BTC to $1M"
00:13:18 — How did you get into crypto?
00:17:55 — Utility as an introduction to crypto
00:20:40— The mythology of the lost wallet
00:23:13 — The "Obsolete" documentary
00:24:47 — The importance of sovereignty
00:26:11 — The politicization of crypto?
00:30:33 — What happens when the music stops?
00:32:26 — NFTs as a fast track to mass adoption
00:34:45 — Access and knowledge — important!
00:37:29 — No top-tier video game studios like NFTs
00:38:32 — Metaverse thoughts
00:40:51 — GameFi thoughts
00:47:00 — Can Yuga Labs make a good game?
00:49:33 — Adam FUDs GameFi again
00:51:23 — Risk-to-earn?
00:57:28 — Any love for Parallel/TCGs?
01:04:53 — Post-Bored-Apeism and its broader effect on the crypto community
01:08:50 — How any Apes can the Miladys steal?
01:09:44 — The corporate NFT divide
01:11:02 — The "crypto native" and "retail" divide
01:19:52 — Is crypto’s "grift" factor limiting crypto adoption?
01:22:55 — Hide the tech, then adoption
01:24:31 — Closing thoughts

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