It is possible to send bitcoins from multiple addresses or send to multiple addresses in one go.

For instance, you need to pay Mr. Bull 5 Bitcoins and you only have 1, 2, and 2 Bitcoins in addresses A, B, and C respectively. Neither wallet has enough to pay him. However, you can send him the Bitcoins from all 3 addresses to Mr. Bull.

In another scenario, you have 5 Bitcoins in your address. But you only want to send Mr Bull one. You need to inform the miners, “I have 5 Bitcoins, I want to send 1 to Mr Bull, and send the rest to myself.” It could be to either the original address, or to a new one.

Don’t forget to do so! Otherwise, miners will take the rest of the Bitcoins as transaction fee.

This is how Bitcoin’s change addresses work.

Watch the video here!

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