This week on Send It, the team was joined by Zi, lead on-chain analyst and community manager at CryptoQuant. Zi enlightened us on who needs on-chain analysis, how it can give traders an edge, and whether on-chain data can be used to influence market sentiment.
Side note: apologies for the glitchy audio at the start (due to network issues)!

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00:01:20 — Intro to on-chain analysis
00:03:34 — Audiences for on-chain data
00:07:34 — Examples of basic data samples
00:10:05 — Filtering noise
00:15:40 — Usefulness of on-chain data as volume moves off-chain
00:19:14 — Mt. Gox dumping fears and on-chain data
00:23:00 — Difference between technical analysis and on-chain analysis
00:31:29 — Does on-chain data give traders an edge?
00:35:00 — Evolution of on-chain data into advanced models
00:39:00 — The most fascinating thing in this cycle
00:43:25 — Stablecoin issuances and burns
00:48:00 — Concluding thoughts about current market

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