Welcome to the 60-second Crypto Gem by KuCoin. Today, we will be talking about TomoChain and its native token, TOMO. TomoChain aims to provide innovative solution to Ethereum’s scalability problem. With offices in Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore, TomoChain Lab works alongside government agencies and companies in tourism, supply chain, healthcare, and the financial sector to solve real-world scalability issues. TomoChain has signed a partnership agreement with Vienam’s Ministry of Education and Training in Q3, 2020 to provide DLT services to digitize all certifications achieved by students in High School and Higher Education with the TomoChain network. It helps solve the lengthy certificates verification process and human errors, as 1.5 million diplomas are issued in Vietnam each year. In addition, Tomo planet was created to offer an ideal solution for Dapps based on highly efficient and secure protocols. TOMOs are used for or block creation and verification, and to incentivize participants.

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TOMO/USDT: https://trade.kucoin.com/TOMO-USDT?utm_source=podcastinfo
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