Fracton Protocol (FT) Now on KuCoin’s 23rd Spotlight, the infrastructure for #hiBAYC and #hiPUNKS

Fracton Protocol is a NFT liquidity infrastructure, with 2 steps of fractionalization (ERC721-ERC1155-ERC20), provides permissionless liquidity and oracle for all kinds of NFTs. Based on a deeply reformed ERC1155 middle layer standard, Fracton is building a non-status smart contract system, to increase the protocol’s efficiency, lower gas fees, and maximize asset security.

Dedicated to abstracting the financial layer apart from the utility of NFTs, Fracton can be easily integrated into both CEX and Dapps, and also offers solutions for inter-protocol liquidity providers and fractionalized NFT market makers.

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
00:39 Recap on Fraction Protocol
02:08 Benefits of Fraction Protocol
03:05 The game changer of the 3 token model
04:31 What is the FT Token/Tokenomics
05:24 Additional Protocol Info
06:02 Summary
06:20 Goals and Roadmap

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