FTX Presents: Stephen Curry’s 2974 NFT Collection Birthday Bash

On July 24th, 2022, FTX flew a group of 31 holders of birthday attribute NFTs from the 2974 Collection out to the bay from all around the world. These community members got a chance to do some community service, shoot around, and break bread with the man behind the Collection (and the 3-point record!), Stephen Curry. Special moments were had by all throughout the day, but the most meaningful of them related to the hands-on involvement with Eat. Learn. Play, Stephen’s Charity. Through this partnership, FTX has enabled the collection to serve as an innovative new fundraising method for charity, resulting in over $2,000,000 being donated to Eat. Learn. Play.

Check out the recap video here, and be sure to take a look at the collection on FTX US, where all proceeds, including royalties, are distributed to Eat. Learn. Play and the FTX Foundation.

2974 Collection Website: https://www.2974sc.com/
Eat. Learn. Play’s Website: https://www.eatlearnplay.org/
FTX Foundation Website: https://www.ftxfoundation.org/

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