How Can Blockchain Solve Our Dependency on the Internet?

How does the construction of identity play into our daily lives? Founder and CEO of Blockstack Muneeb Ali says our identity has become more dependent on the internet. Ali believes that social media has changed the way we interact with the Internet… and it’s not good.

“So the novel example is a really interesting one, because we’ve come up in this paradigm where basically, when Web two came about when social networks came about, we were kind of sharecroppers on someone else’s digital property,” he said. “But we were allowed to use that territory right, the audience that we built so long as we continue to play by that set of rules and so long as the system or the kind of the property holders didn’t actually change what they wanted the system to be. This idea that we are only renting the space, according to Ali, is the reason getting many people into Blockchain.

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