In Conversation with & Felix Hartmann on Blockchain, Crypto and Opportunities Scam projects are everywhere in cryptoverse. Tell us one of the most extraordinary scams that you have met.

Felix: The worst scams are the ones that appear real. Look at the top 5 crypto currencies by market cap. There is one that has a private company behind it. And that private company received something like 60-70% of the token supply. Now they are dumping that supply daily on retail investors. To do what? Who knows, but one of their technologies that is being funded by token sales is literally a technology that can do what the token does, but does not require the token. A decentralized network is not supposed to have a private entity profiting from the network. That’s value extraction, not value creation. Now there is talks of that private entity IPO’ing and I’m just sitting here wondering when that house of cards will collapse. I’m not going to say which project it is, but my fund only shorts one coin. Starts with an X, ends with a P. That is very obvious. You should have met many good projects too. Share one of them with us that is going to blow our minds.

Felix: BTC blows my mind every month with its resilience and growth. But we all know that. One of the few alt projects that’s unique, weathered the storm of the bear market, and had some adoption that makes you scratch your head and say “wow”, is Decentraland. Amidst the depths of the bear market people were spending 6 figures+ to buy virtual land, most of which has appreciated consistently, and even attracted some brands. A finite virtual world with decentralized governance is one of those projects that is truly future oriented. Full disclosure, we are a stake holder in the network via token investments, and it is also one of those projects that will be either a huge success or utter failure. Decentraland was also able to attract support from DCG which set up a Decentraland ecosystem VC fund. Ecosystem funds these days are somewhere between a huge edge and a necessity for a project to survive and thrive in this battle of 5000+ alt-coins. Lastly, share an inspiring quote with our readers.

Felix: This is what I have to say-


Felix: Bitcoin, DLT, and crypto take patience. Both in execution and in understanding. But once it clicks there is no going back. If you still have your doubts, I just encourage you to research more. Watch Andreas Antonopolous, read white papers, go to hackathons, meet with teams and see what they are working on. While there is a fair share of vapor ware, there is also some incredible stuff being built right now that will shape the future of the world. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on twitter @felixohartmann or instagram @felix_hartmann, where I’m more than happy to answer questions and guide you in the right direction. There’s few opportunities in life where you can both make an immense impact and be part of a revolution and make money being part of it. Whether you’re a developer, a marketer, a designer, or in business development, projects need all types of skills, and there’s few more exciting opportunities than being part of a crypto startup in 2020. Thanks Felix. Pleasure talking to you.

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