Denis Fadeev, Head of Developer Experience at Tendermint, introduces you to the latest features of Starport v0.0.10.

Starport is the easiest way to build blockchains. It is a developer-friendly interface to the Cosmos SDK, the world’s most widely-used blockchain application framework. Starport generates boilerplate code for you, so you can focus on writing business logic.

Cosmos is an open, distributed network of interoperable blockchains powered by the Tendermint consensus algorithm.


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At Tendermint, we empower people to create a transparent and accountable world through open, distributed, and interoperable networks. Tendermint is the gateway to the Cosmos ecosystem. We’ve built critical infrastructure for open networks, like the Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core, and Gaia. We lead the developer experience by providing best-in-class tools to peer into an ever-expanding Cosmos.

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