Jenny Zheng, Interviews Kyle Lu, Founder of

Blockcast: Good morning everyone. I am Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of I am currently taking the call from South Korea. Today, we have Kyle Lu, Founder & CEO of Hi Kyle, can you tell us about your project?

Kyle: Hi Jenny. is your home page of blockchain – the largest marketplace to discover blockchain products, including dapps and others, based on analytics and professional reviews.

Blockcast: What is the underlying value of your project?

Kyle: Our mission is to help users discover the best blockchain products that they need. Blockchain is hard, we make it easy.

Blockcast: What are the short and long term goals for you?

Kyle: We are already the leader in the dapps market and our short term goal is to be the no.1 portal for blockchain products. In a longer-term, aims to be the Yahoo of blockchain, your front page of blockchain.

Blockcast: Which blockchain is the most promising in your own opinion?

Kyle: Different blockchains have their own advantages in our opinion. Ethereum has the most established ecosystem and community; EOS is well-funded; ICON has got many successful cases in the enterprise and government sector etc. Terra has only 1 dapp called CHAI but its total amount of user is over 1 million already. We are all promising as long as we continue to build with hustle.

Blockcast: I notice you have been actively talking about DeFI, what is your view on the DeFI market? How do you see it grow?

Kyle: DeFi is still at its infancy stage but already proven to be great use cases. Products like Kyber Swap and Uniswap have been widely used to instantly convert token and projects MakerDao and Compound have shown ways how the future open finance looks like. CHAI and JUST grow very fast as well. And we’ve seen some exciting innovations in the gaming sector such as NFT staking to get Dai, which we’ve never seen before. These all prove the great potential of DeFi. Along the way, there were cases like the hack but it is one of the milestones that witness our progress.

Blockcast: When we talk about dapps in general, how far do you think it will grow? Will traditional businesses adopt dapps readily and what are the pros and cons?

Kyle: We believe that at the end of the day, all the applications that we are using on a daily basis will have blockchain components to some extends. What we’ve seen is that a lot of companies are investing their resources to adopt blockchain which is pushing blockchain usage to the next level. There are thousands of traditional businesses taking Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for settlement, which is highly efficient. Artists are putting their work on the blockchain for proven ownership. A lot of people retained their freedom of speech on the internet through blockchain. There are already so many great use cases of blockchain to make a difference in our lives.

Blockcast: There is a lot of spam and suspicious dapps in the space, how do you help reduce this situation?

Kyle: There are two ways to help. The first one is the data. Data tells the truth. tracks all the on-chain activities of dapps. Users can see the data performance along the way to spot changes of smart contract balances or sudden drop of users. Secondly, users help each other. Our users will write comments and reviews of dapps. A lot of these comments are very helpful to identify potential risks. Last but not least, we have built our internal service to monitor significant changes to a dapp’s performance to detect suspicious dapps. Use can identify suspicious dapps through the Score or Alert article easily.

Blockcast: Can you share with us an inspiring quote for our readers?

Kyle: There were tons of challenges and obstacles during the development cycle of every significant technology. The valuable ones will eventually make it.

We believe blockchain has its unique approach and value to solve issues like lack of transparency. It does not mean that every application must be built on the blockchain. But blockchain technology will improve or disrupt some industries like the finance sector. In the future when most of the population had their chances to enjoy new services or opportunities powered by blockchain, it is made by those developers or early adopters who stay and belive in the tech. We are lucky to be part of this together.

Blockcast: We believe in blockchain too. Blockchain has a unique charm to what they can provide. Look forward working with closely.

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