Liquid Staking Deep Dive Roundtable Part One

Moderator: Billy Rennekamp, Interchain Foundation & Cosmos
Roundtable : Tarun Chitra, Gauntlet Network, Barney Mannerings, Vega Protocol, Sunny Aggarwal, Tendermint Inc & Cosmos, Brian Crain, Chorus One and Cosmos, Sam Hart, Interchain GmbH and Cosmos and our virtual audience.

This event was spurred by the work of the Liquid Staking Group, "Bridging Proof-of-Stake and Decentralized Finance" and Tarun Chitra, "Why Stake when you can Borrow?"

We’ll cover some of topics and discuss opinions with regards to:

– Staking is Defi
– Security tradeoffs
– Additional Utility
– Avoiding Centralized Staking

For more information:

The Liquid Staking Working Group, led by Chorus One and funded by the Interchain Foundation, released a new research report on their findings. The purpose of the research is to provide a basis and platform for a broader discussion around the trajectory of Proof-of-Stake and the role of staking assets in the emerging decentralized financial economy.

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