Merchant Adoption of Crypto with Jason Butcher, CEO of Coinpayments

Merchants accepting crypto and making it easier for people to actually spend and use their crypto as currency on everyday items is a huge topic right now and one that is being touted as one of the mot important for adoption. Coinpayments was not only the very first crypto payment processor, but are still the largest in the world today as they support thousands of merchants worldwide and support nearly 2 thousand different alt coins in their wallet.

I sat down with Jason Butcher, the CEO of Coinpayments to pick his brain on trends he’s seeing within the sector of crypto payment processing and merchant adoption. We chat about why being able to more easily spend your crypto is an important step to adoption and how Coinpayments is working to make that possible.

We also chat about what types of merchants they are seeing be most excited about accepting crypto, and what kind of barriers our industry needs to overcame to help accelerate that level of growth.

I really hope you enjoy my chat with Jason – and as always, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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