EasyFi is a Lending Protocol for Digital Assets. Today Ankitt Gaur, CEO of EasyFi and I explore this lending protocol in depth. EasyFi was built with a vision to solve some of the inherent challenges faced by Gen1 DeFi solutions with respect to the transaction speed and cost which are a bottleneck for DeFi operations at scale. Some of the key focus areas are: Under collateralized Loans, Credit Delegation, Micro-Lending & Credit Default Swaps. The key benefits of EasyFi, as claimed by Ankitt & team are: "faster, Cheaper and Higher Liquidity".
00:07 Introduction to EasyFi
00:36 EasyFi in the context of layered stacks
03:00 EasyFi on top of Ethereum
04:12 Multiple Layer-2 solutions
06:37 The Connective bridge; the glue bringing blockchain biz to life.
10:46 BSC in DeFi
14:27 What EasyFi offers?
16:41 Global entity
21:00 Preparation for usage
22:58 Volume of EasyFi and risks
26:06 Influencer roadmap and beyond
29:24 The team
32:59 Relying on Matic, being built on Matic
34:32 3 utilities of EASY
36:44 Cross-chain settlements
38:27 Logic vs hype
40:07 Influencer marketing
41:28 Partnerships
44:05 Relationship with Bay Area
45:59 Exchanges
47:43 Users and token value
49:13 Negative experiences
50:56 Fair launch
52:22 Last words
Website: https://easyfi.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/easyfiNetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasyfiNetwork
Medium: https://medium.com/@easyfinetwork
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This was free content (I even pay editors to help). I have not received financial compensation for doing this video.
I do not own any EASY tokens.
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