The ‘DeFi Summer’ of 2020 took most crypto folk by surprise, but for a few visionaries it validated years of work in the trenches. We’re joined by a trio of investors who got in before Defi became the shiny new thing to discuss mental models, investment theses and how they got it right.

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Join us at the largest event in the emerging world of digital finance. Speakers include Ray Dalio, Caitling Long, Jamson Lopp, and more. May 24th -27th.

CoinDesk’s "Money Reimagined," a newsletter and podcast series, expands into television with the same critical look at the issues and people that are shaping the future of money and economics. The TV series builds on the success of the weekly podcast hosted by CoinDesk’s Chief Content Officer Michael Casey and the World Economic Forum’s Sheila Warren.

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