Today I speak exclusively with Ingo Rübe about the KILT Protocol. KILT is an open-source powerful blockchain protocol built for issuing claim-based verifiable, revocable, and anonymous credentials in the Web 3.0. It allows end users to claim arbitrary attributes about themselves, get them attested by trusted entities, and store the claims as self-sovereign credentials (certificates). The main goal of KILT is to generate a level playing field for companies to explore new business models, related to trust relationships and data sovereignty. As trusted entities can issue credentials in return for money, KILT aims to foster new business models for ANYONE who owns trust or wants to build up trust. The protocol comes with a simple JavaScript SDK where useful applications can be built without requiring any blockchain development skills. Honestly, the scope of KILT is insane and I am bullish on this protocol (and I never write this).
00:00 Introduction to KILT Protocol
00:45 Credentials in Web3 and blockchain. Why this is a game-changer!
04:54 Real-world limitless applications- seriously.
07:21 Self-sovereignty & what it means
10:26 Layer of trust in the framework
14:54 Selective disclosure
18:06 Potential of KILT Protocol
21:38 100% open source and years in the making.
22:55 How does KILT team will capitalize on the protocol
24:42 Building in-house products
27:21 Competitors in the world of verified credentials
30:31 Why would Microsoft pay attention to Kilt?
32:57 KILT as a base layer for future generations
34:47 From big industry to blockchain
37:17 Usability in everyday life
43:00 Polkadot is currently best for Kilt
45:19 Interconnectivity is crucial
48:04 Importance of forged partnerships
50:57 All will want Kilt credential layers. The adopters, users and use cases are immense.
53:43 Currently in testing mode, approaching LIVE state soon.
55:46 Longterm backers and what it means to have them.
59:38 Earning with Kilt economy: The mechanics of the economy
1:03:37 Berlin as the home of blockchain & what it means
1:05:32 Connection with Gavin Wood & what that means
1:07:53 KILT SDK. Fully Open Source and Ready.
1:08:45 Devs are relatively accessible
1:09:42 What is provided in clients demos?
1:11:44 Staking as a boon and built-in component.
1:15:54 Future of Kilt in the real world
1:20:00 KILT roadmap: so much coming!
1:22:22 What will showcase the value of Kilt’s ecosystem?
1:23:22 Presence of competition, Litentry potential collaboration.
1:27:08 Marketing strategy and plan ahead.
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This was free content (I even pay editors to help). I have not received financial compensation for doing this video.
I have no investment in Kilt at this time, but damn I want it, not gonna lie!
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