Join Community Electricity co-founder Austin Davis as he interviews Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor. What are the thermodynamic properties of Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin really a once in a thousand-year opportunity? Why has Saylor decided to hold his Bitcoin for the next hundred years? Find out in this exclusive Cointelegraph interview!

0:00 Intro
1:37 What is the boat behind you?
2:27 What drove you to history?
3:09 What path of engineering did you take?
4:03 What are the ‘thermodynamics of Bitcoin’?
9:05 What will happen to Bitcoin in 2141 when the last bitcoins are mined?
12:22 In the future, will Bitcoin become the standard comparative currency?
18:26 How will Bitcoin’s future scarcity compare to that of precious metals?
22:32 How does the history of protocols inform an understanding of Bitcoin?
26:24 Will Bitcoin mining remain decentralized in the future?
30:43 Why should the general public pay attention to Bitcoin?

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