#OKExDeFi Roundtable #5 - Asset Synthesis: A Brand-new Path to Tokenized Real-world Assets

Last week, our Roundtable topic is “Ride the Wave: The Present & Future Of Decentralized Liquidity”. We’re more than happy to invite 2 experts from 2 inspiring decentralized exchanges – Nate Hindman from Bancor, and Jay Zhou from Loopring to talk about how to present a unique opportunity to rethink how to design an exchange from scratch based on their own principles, such as new AMM models and order book model based on zkRollup technology.

Jordan Momtazi, Core Contributor of Synthetix, is our guest this week to talk about the topic of “Asset Synthesis: A Brand-new Path To Tokenized Real-world Assets”. Besides providing on-chain exposure to any assets, particularly real-world assets in a decentralized manner, the way Synthetix allows users to trade the derivatives of those assets from commodities to stocks is hugely covered, as well as their roadmap in the coming months.

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Some key points of discussion include:
– Real-world Assets on Synthetix
– The DAO Trio
– Centralized Players in DeFi
– DeFi in 1 Word

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Credit to our #OKExDeFi Roundtable Guest:
Jordan Momtazi, Core Contributor of Synthetix
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