#OKExTalk - Deadlock or a Power Shift: Exploring possibilities of a Growth Wave

What will be considered traditional finance of fintech has long been rendered obsolete, with more players jumping into the market to offer accessible solutions for crypto consumption and trading. On the other hand, the stagnant BTC price levels & the booming DeFi industry (considered as a bubble to burst by many) are raising questions about not only the legitimacy
and possibilities of a “sustainable” growth of Altcoins but also those of the crypto industry itself.

Is a new phase of capital allocation likely to emerge, or will everything be “restored into order”? How are the shifting trends affecting crypto trading behaviors and the wider industry’s relationship to the “traditional” world itself?

Watch and hear from our experts.

Selim Baek – Business Development Manager APAC of OKEx
Benjamin Roth – Global Head of Trading of Kenetic Tradings
Jae-Hong Kim – Lead Quantitative Trader of WaveBridge
Danny Yuan – Co-Founder of 8 Blocks Capital
Justin d’Anethan – Sales Manager of Diginex