## Introduction

* @LongForWisdom: Hosting, Introduction, Agenda.

## Domain Updates

* Governance – @LongForWisdom: Governance at a Glance
* Smart Contracts Domain
* Oracles Domain
* Risk Domain
* MIPs – [Charles St. Louis ](https://twitter.com/charliestlouis): Weekly MIPs Update

## Procedural

* Nothing this week

## Other Updates and Presentations

* @Primoz: Setting the ETH-A Risk Premium
* @monet-supply: Vault Compensation Update
* Vishesh Choudry: State of the Peg

## Discussion Topics

* Continued Peg Deviation

## General Q&A

We’ll open the floor for any questions about Scientific Governance and Risk.

Please join us and help shape the future of the MakerDAO.

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