In this workshop, you will learn how to build your first custom blockchain using the freshly released Cosmos SDK v0.40, code name Stargate. More particularly, we will build together a custom decentralized DNS module, called “Nameservice”.

We’ll cover in this workshop:

How to use Protobuf to define your module’s public interface.

Write the core logic of the module.

Use Starport, a scaffolding tool, to wire up your module with Tendermint to create a blockchain node.

Interact with the node by sending transactions and querying the state.

Warning: Stargate is still in a Release Candidate phase. There might be some bumps along the way.


Installation Requirements:

golang 1.15.0+ installed

Desire to create your own blockchain!

The starport tool will be used to go through this tutorial. The fastest way to install it is via npm (npm i -g @tendermint/starport) or brew (brew install tendermint/tap/starport).

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