Protect Your Crypto From Hackers with Ruben Merre of NGRAVE

Secure crypto storage is a massively important topic for our industry.

That’s why I was excited to chat with Ruben Merre, the CEO of to hear more about how they are aiming to build the most secure hardware wallet in the world.

We discuss both their cold storage hardware wallet – ZERO, and their stainless steel backup solution – Graphene. We discuss how to evaluate how secure a hardware wallet truly is and why having backups of your private keys is so vital.

Probably my favorite part of the interview was getting to see a live action representation of what the Graphene backup solution looked like! I love that they are taking stainless steel backups to the next level with their 2 plate design.

I also got to pick his brain in general about security and privacy and get his perspective on the best ways people can protect themselves online.

I really hope you guys enjoy our conversation together! As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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