Quick Chat with Florian Bohnert, EMURGO at Blockcast.cc

Blockcast.cc : What can we expect from EMURGO moving forward this year and beyond?

EMURGO: EMURGO is focused on delivering practical solutions leveraging blockchain technology for enterprises and developers to address several different real use cases. Over the past year, EMURGO has built up a wide network of industry partners and voice across the world, speaking at leading conferences, and joining the Chamber of Digital Commerce & Blockchain For Europe as a founding partner, among other associations. This is part of a broader strategic initiative to lay the network foundation to provide blockchain solutions to certain industries.

To date, EMURGO has already developed and released Yoroi Wallet – a lightweight ADA wallet for mobile & desktop, SeizaCardano Blockchain Explorer, and Tangata Manu – an open codebase library for developers to build their own ADA wallets, for the global Cardano community.

Most recently on March 31, our EMURGO Enterprise unit developed and launched EMURGO Traceability Solution – a blockchain-based solution for enterprises to integrate into their supply chain verticals and provide purchasing price & product sourcing transparency. A local Indonesian coffee brand – Blue Korintji Coffee – is our first client & partner to integrate this solution into their coffee supply chain to trace the origin of their coffee beans from farm to cup.

This year and moving forward, EMURGO will develop and release solutions for specific industries to leverage blockchain technology and bring more efficiency to their verticals by providing transparency & data immutability for stakeholders.

On the education front, EMURGO will continue to help fill the void of skilled blockchain developers worldwide by offering our education courses to students, career professionals, and enterprises through our education units in India & Indonesia. We’ve seen a significant gap between the supply of blockchain developers and the demands of enterprises for these developers. Our education units are serving to meet this demand. EMURGO believes this is strongly mutually beneficial for both developers/career professionals and enterprises alike.

Blockcast.cc: There are still many issues in the crypto market. How do you think the crypto market can continue to grow from its current state? What is EMURGO doing to address these issues?

EMURGO: Blockchain is still in a nascent phase compared to other technological industries that have been around for decades. Thus, there are still many issues to be worked out, namely regulation and more mainstream awareness to drive adoption of blockchain to deliver added value for organizations and consumers. EMURGO highly values blockchain education and awareness efforts as increased education is what will drive blockchain adoption and also provide career empowerment opportunities for interested people, especially in emerging markets.

To address pro-blockchain regulatory & mainstream awareness efforts, EMURGO joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce as an Executive Committee member and Blockchain For Europe as a founding member. These blockchain trade associations are specifically aimed at engaging with government level stakeholders to help foster industry-friendly initiatives by strategically communicating the value added services blockchain brings to public organizations and private industries.

To provide career empowerment opportunities for student developers & career professionals, EMURGO launched its education unit in India & Indonesia to meet the demand for proficient blockchain developers in a large market. EMURGO India & Indonesia has partnered with local universities to offer blockchain education courses and also provide an online platform full with rich content as a way to connect developers with enterprises.

Blockcast.cc : What kinds of enterprises and partners does EMURGO look for?

EMURGO: EMURGO is sector agnostic and is available to consult any businesses looking to integrate blockchain solutions into their verticals. Blockchain especially offers benefits for traditional industries looking to securely automate transactions, maintain data storage, and provide transparency between external stakeholders.

As we have a full R&D team providing technical expertise along with a separate solutions unit experienced with business consulting, EMURGO can offer a full range of end-to-end solutions for enterprises & organizations of all sizes looking to implement blockchain technology.

Blockcast.cc : Thanks Florian for your time. This is Melody Chan signing out. For more information, please visit www.emurgo.io and follow their Twitter account at @emurgo_io.

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