As one of the most innovative banks in the world, Banco Santander has invested heavily in a range of digital technology solutions. Every innovation aims to directly benefit the bank’s 140 million retail and commercial customers, which is why Santander partnered with Ripple to create One Pay FX, a transformative cross-border payments app.

In this interview, Ed Metzger, Banco Santander’s Chief Technology Officer, shares some benefits of the Ripple partnership: an international payment solution that helps generate "certainty and transparency, underpinned by a competitive price." Thanks to One Pay FX’s success, Banco Santander has seen positive customer feedback that has helped grow the use of the service.

Ripple’s blockchain-powered technology and growing network of global financial institutions gives Santander customers the ability to make same-day, low-cost international money transfers, while providing a clarity and transparency lacking in the traditional remittances system.