As part of Ripple’s efforts to foster diversity and inclusion, the company has created Employee Resource Groups – or ERGs – to support underrepresented colleagues. Meet Reinhard Cate, Senior Media Manager, and host of "The Ripple Drop" at Ripple who is a member of the “Parents at Ripple ERG.”

Reinhard is the father of two small children. The group was an important way to connect with others over shared concerns and to give back as part of the support network for other parents at Ripple.

From the beginning, Reinhard has been impressed by Ripple’s deep understanding of and support for working parents. He talks about balancing work and parenting during the pandemic, and his time management challenges working from home. Reinhard also discusses Ripple’s mission and his opportunity to share the visual story of Ripple’s impact across the globe, as Ripple helps provide economic opportunity through faster, easier cross-border payments.

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